Devs blog no.1! New hero and a lot of changes in gameplay!

March 23, 2019 6:46 pm Published by Miljana Stojkovic Leave your thoughts

This week we’ve been working on a new hero, Tinker, the programming part is ready for testing, and the visual part of the hero is almost finished. We are sure that you will love all this new staff.
Our watcher is from a futuristic planet, and you can tell by her appearance. Though she is the first of our heroes who is a woman, don’t be fooled she is fierce.
We will tell you more about her life right after the update, and you will also be able to see for yourself in the abilities of this super-woman by purchasing the game.

Another novelty is the redesigned player UI on player hand, for the indication of health, remaining shield recharge time and experience points. It also tells you when you have an upgrade available.

We have added a new enemy, Dark Healer, who is responsible for healing her fellow orcs, making it harder and more strategically intense.

We have also added different variations of orcs, now we have a spear throwing orc fighting alongside our axe wielding orcs. It ads variety in weapons that are flying at you and ads dynamic. Now there will be a greater challenge to defeat the wave.
Also you will need to move a lot more in order to dodge those projectiles heading at you.

The other new novelties is the ax, now it moves towards our hero vertically, and previously it was horizontal. We decided to change it up because they were hitting a lot of the walls and never actually being much of a threat.
We have new animations for orcs, they are running now instead of simply walking. Various changes in enemy waves, we tried different variations in a number of enemies, also in the amount of health.

Things have changed about the Orc-Witch as well, now you must kill her first in order to wipe the shields on the other orcs.

The new tutorial will be transferred to the map so you can actually get a better feel for the game.
This week we dedicated a few days to redesign the tutorial.
We continued our work on the UI and we can’t wait to get rid of the place holder ui 😀

You can expect an update very soon, hopefully sometime next week!

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