Early Access Update 1.2

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Hello everyone, after a few months of hard work we are ready to share with you our work. We had done a lot of gameplay improvements and optimisations, also there are big changes in map design logic. Without further delay, here is a list of changes we have implemented in patch 1.2 Also we would like to inform you that this is going to be the last patch in early access and that full release is going to happen sometimes next month. Because of that we would like you to share with us your thoughts about the new mechanics and systems we are introducing.

Heroes and upgrade System

We had completely changed the upgrade system for our heroes. Now you start with just the basic attack, and while progressing through the game you are collecting experience points which can be used to unlock other spells or upgrade existing. Also there are a lot more ability upgrades which gives the player a lot more customisation to their attack.

Redesigned maps

Maps are now providing different approach to game. They are much shorter now, so the game is more fluid and dynamic. Also we have remade the Terra map and made a lot of changes on the other two maps. You will notice every map is very different now.


UI and the interaction with it changed completely. Now you can interact with the menu with your index finger without any tracing and laser pointing to UI. It gives a new experience and a lot more precision in the interactions.

New Enemies

You will notice a lot of new foes coming from our redesigned portals. We introduce you to a few new enemies, little evil Goblins who will try to blow you up with their explosive devices. Also there are new variations to existing enemies with different abilities.

Full list of new enemies:

New basic mob Orc model

New goblin Kamikaze, mob that will teleport to you and try to blow you up

New goblin Bomber, one who wants to kill you with his bombs.

Reskinned Witch and Dragon with range attack

Experience and leveling

It is so much faster now to acquire experience, new levels and more skill points which can be used on different ability upgrades. You can now make a choice if you want to play with a variety of spells or make one spell ultra powerful..

List of minor changes:

Shields don’t have to be charged anymore, they also don’t require a button to be held

Heads up display now shows up along with the shield

Shield can now deflect bombs from our Bomber, and use them against other enemies

Using the shield you can hit the dragon in the head and push him off

Tinker has a new ironsight 

Tinker’s ultimate back gun now has automatic aiming 

Archers Arrow can be lit by the wizards fireball in multiplayer mode 

More visible teleport indicator

Our enemies are scaled down in size, and the general proportions have been fixed

And a lot of other gameplay improvements

Things we are working on that can be expected in the full release:

Full UI implementation (main menu still uses the old ui interaction)

In-game Shop 

Achievements implementation and extra unlockable skins for Heroes 

Redesigned Gunslinger Map 

One or Two new maps

New FX and Sounds  

Tutorial for every character

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