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March 21, 2019 11:47 am Published by Miljana Stojkovic Leave your thoughts

Hello there, you already know us, we are Software Wolf. Some of you may recognize our name from Steam or Reddit or some other social network.

Our newest project is a VR game Magic Realm Online, so we’ll keep you informed about our work on updates and promotions of the game, per week.

The story is located in a fictitious universe where there are 8 planets. Every planet has it’s own source of power around which creatures on this planet have developed their civilization.

To maintain order and peace on all planets, the Watchers are in charge. Watchers are located in the centre of the universe, at a place called Eternium, and available only to them.

Each planet has its own Watcher who is in hibernation at Eternium and wakes only when needed.

The Great Watcher is at the same time the oldest and most powerful among them. He is also responsible for awakening the Watchers as well as for the source of power that is on the Eternium as well.

Our story starts with the unexpected attack of the witch, originating from one of the planets (Terra). With a sudden attack she manages to gain control of the Watchers Eternium , and with it opens portals on the planets. Her goal is to rule over all life in the universe.

Our player is in the role of one of the Watchers, who with the help of others try to defend the planets from the attack of the evil army and witches.

You may know that we already have three heroes: Wizard, Archer and Gunslinger. Each one is special in its own way, you can notice how much effort has been invested in the design of each one.

In the next blog update we will talk about our new hero, believe it or not, the hero is a woman.

Stay tuned!

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